TeamBuild 2010 : UpdateAssemblyInfo v1.1

TeamBuild 2010 : UpdateAssemblyInfo v1.1

I published the version 1.1 of my TeamBuild 2010 activity to update versioning attributes in AssemblyInfo files. This new version brings the following features:

  • Added support for the AssemblyInformationalVersion attribute with the following tokens:
    • $(version): the AssemblyVersion value after update.
    • $(fileversion): the AssemblyFileVersion value after update.
    • $(date:<format>): the current date.
  • Lowered BuildMessageImportance of successful file update from High to Normal.
  • Added VersioningSettings class to manage activity settings.

The sample workflow project was also updated to use the new VersionSettings class. If you have any remarks, bugs or request feel free to use the forum or enter an issue on codeplex.

Carpe Diem.

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