TFS 2010: Rename a server – Part 1: introduction 2

TFS 2010: Rename a server - Part 1: introduction

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During my work i had an interesting “challenge”: rename a server on which was installed TFS and all the needed components (WSS, SQL, RS, AS, Build). There are some documentation on how to rename each component but they are squattered in each product documentation so i decided to write a series of post specifying how to rename each component/server used by TFS.


For this series i’ll use the following architecture where each component is deployed on it’s own server:


All the servers are in the demo.local domain. Here’s how the components are installed:

  • The SQL server db.demo.local hosts all databases (Sharepoint, Reporting Services and TFS).
  • The Analysis Services server as.demo.local hosts the TFS cube.
  • The Sharepoint sites use the domain account demo\wssservice.
  • The TFS services use the domain account demo\tfsservice.
  • The TeamBuild service uses the domain account demo\tfsbuild.

Here’s the context, on my next post i’ll start by renaming the database server :)

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2 thoughts on “TFS 2010: Rename a server – Part 1: introduction

  1. Reply Tim Mar 16,2012 18:52

    This for renaming a DB server for TFS – Yeah you COULD do all that I guess. Or maybe instead just go into your etc/hosts file and add an entry for the old server name that TFS is expecting, and give it the IP address of the DB server. Doesn’t matter if the IP has changed or if you are using the same. This will work as long as you don’t rename the collection.



  2. Reply Guillaume Rouchon Mar 20,2012 11:18

    Hi Tim,
    You are right that you can change the host file. You can even add DNS aliases. I was going to add a conclusion when i finally got time and explain those other possibilities.

    Thanks for the comment

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