TFS 2010: Rename a server – Part 4: the Reporting Services server

TFS 2010: Rename a server - Part 4: the Reporting Services server

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In this third post we will see what to do to rename the reporting services server rs.demo.local to rs1.demo.local and make our services work again :)

Reporting Services

As for the Analysis Services server the only thing to do is rename the server and restart it. Now we’ll need to update dependant components:

  • TFS
  • Sharepoint

TeamFoundation Server

The only way to update TFS is by using the administration console:

  1. Start the admin console.
  2. Select the Reporting node and click the Edit button:

    Note: a popup will appear saying the jobs should be stopped before editing the values. Accept to stop the jobs..

  3. In the dialog window select the Reports tab:
    • Update the Server field.
    • Click the Populate URLs button to automatically fill the Web Service and Report Manager fields.
    • Specify the Username and Password fields with the account information that will be used to read the cube data:
    • Click the OK button.
  4. Click on Start Jobs to restart the jobs:

The Tfs_Configuration database is now updated. Let’s go and update Sharepoint.


The dashboards in Sharepoint are displaying reports from Reporting Services. The reports’addresses are not hardcoded (thankfully :) ), the dashboards use a special page “TfsRedirect.aspx” which will take data from the TFS server and redirect to the correct page. Those data are cached on the Sharepoint server, we must clear this cache so that the next call to TfsRedirect.aspx will get the new Reporting Services server name:

  • Open a web browser.
  • Go to “http://wss/sites/DefaultCollection/<TeamProject>/_layouts/TfsRedirect.aspx?tf:Type=ReportList&tf:ClearCache=1&tf:Test=1” (without the quotes) and replacing <TeamProject> with one of your team project name.

Here are some explanation on the url:

  • The parameters starting with tf: are used by the TfsRedirect.aspx page. All other parameters are given to the redirected page. In our case there are no parameter to redirect.
  • The tf:Type parameter indicates the redirection type. In our case we use the redirection to the report list page. We use this type because no specific parameters are required.
  • The tf:ClearCache=1 parameter indicates to clear the TFS cache in Sharepoint.
  • The tf:Test=1 parameter indicates the we only want to test the redirection and will display debugging data (settings, cached data, …) instead of redirecting to another page.

By using the Test parameter you can verify that the reporting server url is updated.

Your installion is back online using the new Reporting services server name. Next time will rename the Sharepoint server :)

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