VS 11 & TFS 11: A beta version on February 29th 2012

VS 11 & TFS 11: A beta version on February 29th 2012


Good news, the next version of Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server are coming in Beta with a Go Live licence on February 29th (the same date that the Windows 8 consumer preview :) ).

Here is a list of the products which where announced for Visual Studio 11:

  • Visual Studio 11 Professional
  • Visual Studio 11 Premium
  • Visual Studio 11 Ultimate
  • Visual Studio 11 Test Professional
  • Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Server
  • Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Server Express
  • Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Service

Compared to the 2010 line we have two new additions. The first, Team Foundation Server Express is a free edition of TFS with the following limitations:

  • 5 users max,
  • can only be installed on SQLServer Express,
  • only “single server” install mode,
  • no Sharepoint integration,
  • no Reporting Services integration,
  • the web interface only proposes the Agile taskboard (no backlog management or feedback feature),
  • no TFS proxy.

Note that this version will be compatible with Visual Studio Express, Microsoft is now proposing a comprehensive development tools package for “unprofessional” developers! Of course it will be possible to upgrade an Express platform to add users through the purchase of CAL (Client Access License) or add the missing functionality by switching to the full version of TFS 11 :)

The second addition is Team Foundation Service. It is a TFS version which runs on Azure and is actually in test phase at http://www.tfspreview.com. This version on Azure has, for now, all TFS features except Sharepoint, Reporting Services and build (the build can be installed on-premises and connected to TFS on Azure).

Il come back in futur post in details on new features of Visual Studio 11 and Team Foundation Server 11. While waiting here are a list of links on this beta version:

Carpe Diem.

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