VS ALM: Tips for using Brian Keller’s VS ALM virtual machine

VS ALM: Tips for using Brian Keller's VS ALM virtual machine

I’m using more and more Brian Keller’s virtual machine for my presentations and demos. This virtual machine can be downloaded on Brian’s blog:


This VM already contains all tools installed and configured and also has some projects with data. To ensure it’s use over time some scripts are run at each startup of the system and can cause some errors when you want, like me, to do your own demos.

Here are 2 tips to avoid the “demo effect” :)

  1. Be careful of the time : at each restart the date and time are reset to 05/16/2012 at 12PM. If you have prepared a demo by doing some checkins and you will do some more checkins while demoing, it’s important to update the C:\util\SetDateAndTime.bat script to change the time and put a value after your last checkin. If you don’t you will get a checkin error during your demo since you’re doing a checkin before the last one:
  2. Be careful on hosts file : as for date and time, the hosts file is automatically reset at each startup. If you need to update it for your demos don’t forget to also modify the C:\util\updatedhosts file. If you don’t you will have errors when accessing those network resources:image

Carpe Diem.

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