UpdateAssemblyInfo Activity for TeamBuild 2010 2

UpdateAssemblyInfo Activity for TeamBuild 2010

I’ve published on codeplex an activity which provides a way to manipulate the AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion values of AssemblyInfo files at build time under TeamBuild 2010: UpdateAssemblyInfo.

This activity supports the use of a pattern to specify how to update the AssemblyInfo files versions. the following tokens are dynamically replaced during execution:

  • $(current): uses the current value.
  • $(increment):increments the current value.
  • $(date<format>): uses the current date formatted with the specified <format>.
  • An integer: forces the value to the specified value.

The specified pattern must respect the version numbers form “A.B.C.D”. As an example, the pattern “$(current).$(current).$(increment).0″  keeps the current major and minor version, increments the build number and forces the revision to 0.

I’ll post an entry on an example of how to integrate this activity soon but for now i’ll recover for those past days heat (and the lack of sleep which goes with it :)). Stay tuned!

Carpe Diem.

2 thoughts on “UpdateAssemblyInfo Activity for TeamBuild 2010

  1. Reply Pedro Lamas Jul 30,2010 13:27

    First, let me thank you on your great work here! :)
    I have a question regarding this plugin: Will it check in the altered AssemblyInfo files after the build?
    I ask this because I think it should mantain the record of the current version build after build, so it can increment it… can you confirm that it does mantain track of the version from build to build?
    Best regards, Pedro Lamas

  2. Reply Guillaume Rouchon Aug 2,2010 08:05

    Hi Pedro,
    The activity in itself will do nothing more than modify files. I’ve wrote a sample on how you can use my activity and store the versions between builds:

    The sample code is downloadable (see end of post or on codeplex).

    Regards, Guillaume

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